P.A.M. Band
(Partially Artificial Musicians)
Studio 7 Music Company
Created by Violinist/Composer Kurt Coble

Python Programming by Richard Ryniker
Additional Software Development:
Roger Pellegrini, Jeff Bechtel, Charles Brown, and Dr. Bei Wang
Artistic Associate - Don Solomon
Methodology Development - Martin Kalamkovic, Radmila Gasic-Ristovski, and Roger Mahadeen
Original Hardware and Software Development by Jim Sedgwick

To Contact - PAMBand@AOL.com

"Looking like a horror show of electrodes and wires,
Kurt Coble's orchestra challenges the definition of music."

J. Clyde Willis (Stamford Advocate)

"[The late composer Earle] Brown's spirit lives on in the wonderful,
room-size "robot jukebox" - a kind of musical Rube Goldberg contraption
that plays a pre-programmed concert on wacky mechanized instruments
by the artist, musician and composer Kurt Coble."

Helen A. Harrison (New York Times)

"Coble's witty piece kept the question alive, since the string ensemble sometimes
followed a riff for robots with flowing melodic ideas. The P.A.M. BAND by itself was very discreet.
Its full voice was silvery and distant. With the ensemble, its exacting meters quickly transformed
the strings into imitators of the automatons. The players could accommodate the robots, but the robots
could only demand compliance from the players."

Daniel Webster (Philadelphia Inquirer)


New Events Coming Fall 2023

FALL 2023
"Nosferatu Reinvented"
Erie Canal Tour
Dates and Times TBA


Nordoff-Robbins Center for Music Therapy
NYU Steinhardt, NYC
Established: January, 2023

Milan Petrovic School, Novi Sad, Serbia
Organized by: Slavica Markovic
Music Stimulation Research: Radmila Gasic-Ristovski
Established: September 11, 2011

"World's First Motion Sensor Controlled Percussion Ensemble"
Permanent Collection: Discovery Museum and Planetarium
Installed: February 2008
Discovery Museum - Bridgeport, CT

Tuesday 9:00 pm Channel 18 Yonkers, NY
Check local listings for other times and stations
Currently on Covid Haitus
Debut: October 2006


APRIL 11, 2023
Introduction of Tesla Instrument Family
"Innovations in Adaptive Technologies"
Presented by Cyndy Jean (School for Community and Inclusivity)
Hackley School, Tarrytown, NY

February 3, 2023
"Facebook Live"
Simon Slayer: Sequence of 99 (World Record)
Studio Seven Workshop, Mamaroneck, NY

January 18, 2023
"The Three Ages"
Emelin Theater, Mamaroneck, NY
Commissioned by Westchester Public Library

October 15, 2022
"Nosferatu Reinvented"
Lancaster Opera House
Lancaster, NY

JULY 30, 2022
"Nosferatu Reinvented"
LMC Media - Facebook Page
Live Streaming Debut

JULY 6-9, 2022
EXIT Festival
Exhibition: Tesla Instrument Family
Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad, Serbia

MQP Rehabilitation Design
ME 3506 Actuator Design
Worchester Polytechnical Institute
Instructor: Dr. Holly Ault
Higgs Labs 208, Worchester, MA
Established: September 2017

MAY 18-19, 2019
"16th Annual YOHO Artists Open Studio"
540/578 Nepperham Ave, Yonkers, NY #419
Free and Open to the Public 12 to 5 pm

MAY 13-15, 2018
"Phantom Reinvented"
Reitz Theater, Dubois, PA
Tickets Avaiable at the Box Office

APRIL 6-8, 2018
Seminar on Contemporary Music
"Phantom Reinvented"
The Rivers School Conservatory, Weston, MA

OCTOBER 27-31, 2017
"Nosferatu Reinvented"
Reitz Theater, Dubois,PA

AUGUST 4-13, 2017
Robotic Music and Silent Fim Festival 2017
Mamaroneck Artists Guild
126 Larchmont Ave, Larchmont, NY

JULY 12-15, 2017
EXIT Festival
Exhibition: Tesla Instrument Family
Petrovaradin Fortress, Novi Sad, Serbia

OCTOBER 1 and 2, 2016
World Maker Faire - 7th Annual
Featured Maker
Public Presentation of New Latch Circuit
New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY

Installation: Tesla Family Instruments
Bronx, NY
Established: October 2014

Installation: Tesla Percussion
James J. Peters VA Medical Center, Bronx, NY
Established: June 2014

Installation: Tesla Family Instruments
Yorktown Heights Campus, Mercy College
Established: January 2013

SEPTEMBER 26 and 27, 2015
World Maker Faire - 6th Annual
"Featured Maker"
New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY

SEPTEMBER 18, 2015
Demonstration of Tesla Instrument Family
Easter Seals Project Explore
Valhalla, NY

"Weekend Warrior" Music Stimulation Program
Richmond Community, Yonkers, NY

DECEMBER 8, 2013
Formal Dedication of "Kelby's Playground"
Concert and ENACTUS Fund Raiser
Mercy Hall, Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY

NOVEMBER 1-2, 2013
"Phantom Reinvented"
Robotic Movie Score to 1925 Silent Classic Film
Commissioned by the US Embassy, Belgrade
St John's Lutheran Church, Mamaroneck, NY

OCTOBER 25-27, 2013
II struno-nauni skup sa meunarodnim ueem
Aktuelnosti u edukaciji i rehabilitaciji osoba sa smetnjama u razvoju
abac, Serbia

AUGUST 4, 2013
"Night at the Circus"
Collaboration with Eleanor Sandresky
Sprectrum, NYC

OCTOBER 15, 2012 - APRIL 20, 2013
Robotic Music Studio/Visiting Artist
Academy of Arts and Sciences - Novi Sad, Serbia
Organized by Miroslav Statkic and Dean Zoran Todovic

APRIL 5-15, 2013
"Hollywood to Serbia"
Novi Sad, Subotica, Belgrade, Kragujevac, Nis (Serbia)
Presented by the United States Embassy and VOCA

OCTOBER 25-28, 2012
"Telsa Instrument Family"
II International Scientific Conference
Special Education and Rehabilitation - Cerebral Palsy
Milan Petrovic School, Novi Sad, Serbia

OCTOBER 7-12, 2012
"Hollywood to Serbia"
Novi Pazar, Bujanovac, Vranje (Serbia)
Presented by the United States Embassy and VOCA

Business Honors Program - Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NJ
Faculty Advisor - Dr. Curtis Abel
Enactus Video 2013
Established: September 2, 2012

AUGUST 3, 2012
Introduction: Telsa Instrument Family Project
Presented by Guest Speaker - Petar Bursac
The Festival Europa Cantat XVIII Torino 2012
International Conference on Adaptive Technology
Turin, Italy

JUNE 17, 2012
Arranger/Conductor: Percussion Ensemble
Hearts in Harmony Festival, SPENS, Novi Sad, Serbia

JUNE 16, 2012
Guest Speaker: Telsa Instrument Family
International Conference on Adaptive Technology
Sremski Karlovci, Serbia

JUNE 15, 2012
Arranger/Conductor: Percussion Ensemble
Hearts in Harmony Festival, Main Square, Belgrade, Serbia

MARCH 27, 2012
Interview: Radio Novi Sad

MARCH 20, 2012
Interview: Serbian National TV

MARCH 17, 2012
Presentation and Demonstration Tesla Instruments
III Inclusion and Choral Singing Conference
Sponsored by Moviment Coral Catala
Museu d'Historia de la Barcelona, Spain

MARCH 13, 2012
Guest Speaker: Music and Technology
SUNY Purchase, NY
Presented by Phil Moffa and Joel Thome

JANUARY 6-8, 2012
Invitation: Techfest 2012
Sponsored by Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
Presented by Siddharth Bidwan

NOVEMBER 26, 2011 - JANUARY 24, 2012
Installation: "Jam Session"
Curated by Karen Shaw
Islip Art Museum, 50 Irish Ln, East Islip, NY

SEPTEMBER 23, 2011
Introduction: Europa Cantat Inclusion Initiative
Host: Marina Velazquez
4th IMC World Forum on Music (Tallinn, Estonia)

JUNE 19, 2011
Hearts in Harmony Festival Concert
Main Square, Novi Sad, Serbia
Live National TV Broadcast

MAY 12, 2011
Article: "Muzucuranje uz pomoc robota"
By Ljiljana Popadic - Blic ISSN: 0354-9283

MAY 11, 2011
Establish: Tesla Drum Project
Commission: Hearts of Harmony
Milan Petrovic School, Novi Sad, Serbia

DECEMBER 5, 2010
"Free Arts Day in Westchester Celebration"
Westchester Arts Exchange Building, White Plains, NY
Presented by ArtsWestchester

Cover Story: ARTS W NEWS
"Get Ready for the Attack of Robotic Musicians!
A Fascinating Blend of Music, Technology, & Innovation"
By Jim Ormond

OCTOBER 28, 2010 @ 7:30 pm
Premier: "Nosferatu Reinvented"
The Alternate Press
Brickford Theater
Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ

APRIL 9-11, 2010
"Monsterpalooza 2010"
Mariott Burbank Convention Center
Burbank, CA
Presented by Eliot Brodsky

APRIL 2, 2010
Performance: "Variation of Madness"
with Philadelphia Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra
Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, PA
Presented by PNC Bank Arts Alive

APRIL 1, 2010
Performance: "Variation of Madness"
with Philadelphia Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra
Rotunda @ Liberty Place, Philadelphia, PA
Presented by PNC Bank Arts Alive

MARCH 26, 2010
Lecture Demo: "Math + Science = Music"
Hommocks Middle School, Mamaroneck, NY

MARCH 19, 2010
Lecture Demo: "Math + Science = Music"
Bronxville High School, Bronxville, NY

February 10, 2010
Award: "2010 Arts Alive Project Grant"
Presented by ArtsWestchester
and NY State Council on the Arts
White Plains, NY

OCTOBER 23, 2009
Performance: "Variations of Madness"
with Philadelphia Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra
Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, PA
Presented by PNC Bank Arts Alive

OCTOBER 22, 2009
Performance: "Variations of Madness"
with Philadelphia Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra
The Gallery East - 9th St. and Market, Philadelphia, PA
Presented by PNC Bank Arts Alive

OCTOBER 1, 2009
Performance: "Metropolis Reinvented"
Crowne Plaza Hotel, White Plains, NY
Article: New York Examiner

JULY 14, 2009
PNC Bank Arts Alive Award Ceremony
Philadelphia, PA

APRIL 13, 2009
New York University Composers Forum
Presented by Robert Rowe and Mary Farbood

Article: "Wired for Sound"
By Daniel Webster
Philadelphia Music Makers Vol. 7, No. 4

NOVEMBER 10, 2008
Review: Daniel Webster - Philadelphia Inquirer
"An Arguement Plays Out in Music"

NOVEMBER 7, 2008
Premier: "Seven Variations of Madness"
Commissioned by the Philadelphia Virtuosi
Daniel Spalding, Music Director
Arden Theater, Philadelphia, PA

NOVEMBER 6, 2008
Television Article: "Robot Musicians To Play With Humans" Fox News
Radio Interview with David Patrick Stearns
Article: David Patrick Stearns - Philadelphia Inquirer
"An 'On the Edge' Night for Virtuosi"

APRIL 5, 2008
Performance: Spellbound Concerto (Miklos Rozsa)
Gabriela Imreh, pianist
featuring "Rosy the Robotic Theremin"
Sabin Pautza, Music Director
Plainfield Symphony Orchestra, Plainfield, NJ

FEBRUARY 29, 2008
Installation: "Digital Leap"
Presented by the Discovery Museum & Planetarium

FEBRUARY 26, 2008
Visiting Artist - Yale University
Music 309b:"Practical Applications in Music,
Multimedia Art, and Technology II"
Presented by Dr. Kathryn Alexander
Phelps Hall, New Haven, CT

Review: "The Metropolis Project"
By Ptah Gabrie - Philadelphia City Paper

2007 Philadelphia Fringe Festival
Performance: "Metropolis"
Film Score to 1927 Silent Era Film Classic by Fritz Lang
Presented by Drexel University College of Engineering
Mitchell Auditorium, Bossone Research Center
3141 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

AUGUST 29, 2007
Philadelphia City Paper Cover Story: Fest Guesses
"Must See at This Year's Live Arts/Fringe Festival"
("The Metropolis Project" listed as #6)
Article by Joel Tennenbaum

Previous Events will be archived on a separate page soon!

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson
Dr. Terek Sobh
Harriet Sedgwick
John Whitfield
Eastchester Music Center
Jerry Celestino
Dr. George Groth
Mike Witch and LMC-TV
Pamela Hill
Jasche Schmiedel
Philip Wharton
Gary Munch
Alfredo Oliva
Amy Papaelias
Ron Hill
Frank Hill
William Kilburn
Eric Kilburn
Peter Bursac
Larisa Inic
Dr. Oliver Engel and Mettrix Technology Corp
Dushan Dunjic
Maja Dunovic
Djura Kovacevic
Miroslav Otrupcak
Milos Majzla
Eric Dehais
Randy Stewart
Mercy College ENACTUS Team lead by Dr. Curtis Abel
Rosa Grisanti
WPI Students in the MQP and ME Projects
Eric Dehais
Matt Sullivan and LMC Media

Dedicated to the Memory of Nicola Tesla (1856-1943)
(Inventor of Remote Control)

Last Update: March 1, 2023


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